Institut für Kommunikation und Navigation

The Institute of Communications and Navigation develops and investigates new systems and methods for radio transmission and positioning. These are widely used in broadcasting multimedia contents as well as for internet connection of satellite, airplane and remote areas. In the field of high rate data communication between satellite and ground the Instituts works on optical free-space transmission methods.

In satellite navigation the Institute puts emphasis on safety-critical applications, which require a reliable positioning and timing information, and on poistioning in urban canyons and indoors. The activities of the Institute span from theoretical investigations to the experimental verfication of components and systems. Its results play a major role in aeronautical applications and ground-based traffic.

Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics

Mechatronics is the utmost integration of mechanics, electronics, and information technology up to “intelligent mechanisms” and robots which interact with their environment. Here, the “integral” design optimization and 3D simulation of such systems and components before they are built plays a decisive role.

Accordingly, research carried out in the DLR Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics is based on the interdisciplinary (virtual) design, computer-aided optimisation and simulation, as well as implementation of complex mechatronic systems and man-machine interfaces. The institute is regarded as one of the worldwide leading institutions in the field of robotics.

Institute of Transportation Systems

More people than ever are stirred by the topics of mobility and traffic nowadays. On the one hand, an efficient transportation system is a vital requirement for prospering national economies, on the other hand, mobility also allows for active participation in social life as well as providing a high degree of liberties for the individual.

Capacity shortages, delays, lack of information or deficient safety standards are being perceived as all the more problematic by road users. Oriented towards the vision of a modern, integrated, socially and ecologically sustainable traffic system, the Institute of Transportation Systems works on a wide spectrum of objectives centering around reasons for and changes in passenger and commercial transport.