Spin-off founded | 28. May 2012
Entrepreneurs DLR researchers have founded a company to exploit the technology from the Railway Collision Avoidance System (RCAS) research project. Intelligence on Wheels is the name that DLR colleagues Thomas Strang and Andreas Lehner have chosen for their company, which is based in Gilching, near DLR's site in Oberpfaffenhofen. "We are delighted to have taken a major step closer to bringing RCAS research into real operation by registering this company," says Strang, the CEO. What started off as a mere idea has evolved into a marketable technology.



Minister of transport visits DLR | 4. Juli 2011
Visit of minister of transport Ramsauer During his visit at the Galileo control center the German minister of transport Peter Ramsauer was delighted by DLR's innovative approach to train collision avoidance. He concluded that RCAS might be a suitable alternative technology to improve railway safety, in particular on tracks where no other safety technology is installed yet. His wish to have this technology in the market anytime soon is of course a further incentive for us!



Live demonstration with real trains | May 11, 2010
PCW Demo DLR has demonstrated the railway collision avoidance system (RCAS) with support of the Bayerische Oberlandbahn at a railway test site (PCW) in Wegberg-Wildenrath near Dusseldorf, Germany, on board of real trains. Visitors were able to experience the functionality of the proof-of-concept demonstrator of RCAS while watching over the shoulder of the train driver during operations. The demonstrations were accompanied with technical talks where the researchers provided information about the technology in use, including direct train-to-train communications, optical systems, sensor based map-matching as well as operational and admission relevant conditions. The event was very succesful, including a good press coverage .


Day of open house | 19. October 2008
DLR has opened its doors at its site Oberpfaffenhofen to the interested public who took the opportunity to get a first-hand impression of current projects and frontier-line research activities. This was also the first time that the public had access to the brand new Galileo Contol Center, where DLR showed with RCAS one of the many application areas of future satellite navigation systems.



InnoTrans | 23.-26. September 2008
DLR presented high-tech research for the future of rail transport at InnoTrans 2008. The central element of DLR's booth and "key attractor" for the audience was a modell of the RCAS approach where the highlights of this new approach have been illustrated to the professional visitors.

InnoTrans 2008 - DLR Stand InnoTrans 2008 - RCAS Messemodell InnoTrans 2008 - RCAS Messemodell


Center of Excellence | January 2008
Im Januar 2008 the Institute of Communications and Navigation (KN) has been awarded by DLR's board of directors the title DLR-Center of Excellence for its work in the area of robust and reliable communications, where RCAS significantly contributed.